Akai to release new MPC

There’s been some murmuring around the web about an upcoming MPC, the MPC1000! Apparently it was uploaded to the Akai Pro website too early. The release date is set for September 16, so mark your calendar! An MPC I can finally afford! 😉

Here’s the teaser flash animation from the Akai Pro site as well.

Update 10/09/03

French website Playback has some more information on the MPC1000. Unless you speak French, click here for the nuttily translated Babelfish version.

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New Technics Digital Turntable photos

There’s been a bit of coverage on the new Technics SLDZ1200 digital turntables. It plays CD’s and SD-Card. Apparently it is going to be released this weekend:

Technics are set to exclusively unvale the new CD DJ turntable at this years Plasa Show. The SL-DZ1200 is based on the Technics SL1210 turntable motor . The big unvaling will be at 3pm on DJ Sunday (September 7th). In addition they are set to showcase a new 4 channel mixer, with the same look as the SL-DZ1200 Plasa is on from Sunday 7th – Wednesday 10th September.
For more info – www.plasashow.com

An open letter to the Sydney Techno Community

I got forwarded this open letter:

It greatly saddens me that there are individual/s in our small Sydney techno scene that are playing us all out.
These individual/s pretend to be concerned about our scene, trying to bring the various crews together to make one big, happy community.
Shit will come back and bite them on the ass.

But in reality, the only concern they have is for themselves and how they can advance their own careers by trading off gigs for gigs, payola maybe?
It’s bad enough that our scene is so small and fragile, so when these player haters put their own ego above the good of all, it lets us all down.
Zealous or Egotistical? Make your own decision.

Eternally yours

New music in at SID shop

Over at the SID Shop there is a bunch of new tasty releases. Three newies on UR (Mad Mike, DJ Rolando and the Aquanauts), first release on new label Ignitor (Orlando Voorn), a new Red Planet EP and a new one on Hipnotech from DJ Dez. One of the more interesting things they done is release a bunch of 7″ ep’s which accompany the 12″ ep’s on UR and Red Planet. They’re supposed to be B-Sides that didn’t get pressed onto the 12″ eps. Nice concept for the collectors. Bit of a biatch on the wallet, but when has vinyl collecting not been for stuff like this?

Also while on the subject of Detroit electronic music, my friend Benn is selling a few bits and pieces on Ebay. A couple of Plus 8 Ep’s and some ghettotech as well.