Last Dark Energy radio show this Saturday

Say it ain’t so. Due to some “changes” at 2SER recently, the Dark Energy guys will be calling it a day. Your show will be sorely missed guys. I know that for me and many, many other people, you’ve made Saturday night radio an absolutely luxurious pleasure over the last 8 years and introduced to lots of music that we probably wouldn’t have been able to get any other way. So much pleasure and luxury that would make Rocco proud! So many good times and musical pleasure.

Just a quick note that after 8 years on 2SER FM, Dark Energy will be calling it a night this Saturday 16th.

We will be doing an extra long show this Saturday… We are going to bring out the best for this one.

Dark Energy DJ’s:
James Bond
The Sentinel/Patrick HAF

Cost: Free
Where: 107.3 FM
Time: 11:30pm – very, very late.

Ready to Jack?

Jack Your Body flyer

In case you haven’t heard (or perhaps weren’t listening at the time) I’m putting on a hip house and acid house party tonight with popfrenzy and a bunch of other people. Its down at the Mandarin Club on Pitt St in the City, it kicks off at 9pm and its only $6 on the door. Prizes and stuff for best outfits and dancers. 😀

Get, get, get BUSY

Get busy, now hear me,
do your funky dance and get dizzy,
do it right now, not later,
if you wait too long you might fade out,
I’m a rapper, you’re the dancer,
clap yo hands, move yo feet fast to my new sound
cause I’m getting down comin straight from the north side of Chi-town…

Get BusyMr. Lee

Coming to Sydney Soon

A couple of my favourites producers/musicians are hitting Sydney soon. First in is Carl Craig. He’s playing at the Gaelic Club on Saturday 26th March. Then on Saturday 16th April Recloose is djing down at the Basement. Highly recommended for some deeper vibes. Then apparently over the Anzac Long Weekend is my favourite NZ band, Fat Freddy’s Drop a hitting it up.

Kid Koala & P-Love

Rozie and I went down to the Clare on Broadway last night to catch Kid Koala and P-Love for the Cyclic Defrost Issue 10 launch since we were too stingy to go and check out the “Short Attention Span Theatre” at the Gaelic Club last Thursday. The Clare isn’t a big place and it got packed out pretty quickly. By the end of the night it was stinking hot. They completed rocked the joint by dropping, cutting, scratching and juggling stacks of great breaks, hip hop, rock and some 80’s funk. I remember hearing Digital Underground’s “Humpty Dance” (who are coming out to play at the Sydney Luna Park soon), “The Power” by Snap, “7 Nation Army” by The White Stripes (like who doesn’t play that these days ;-)) and “Supersonic” by JJ Fad. There was stacks of other great tracks which I can’t remember right now, but it was a great night out. Glad we made the effort to get down there.

And now the fun is over

Architecture in Helsinki perform at the KirkDJing at BurlesqueKenny DJing at Bohem

Now I’m back at work. That ain’t so cool. But the fun stuff I got up to last week:

  • Going to Tamarama beach on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the scorching heat
  • Seeing hip Aussie twee-poppers Architecture in Helsinki at the Kirk in the Slurrry (oh how I wish that I got to see Man Jam there 😉 )
  • Djing at Tonic in the Cross (seeing some random dude happily gurning to Recloose’s “Up and Up” put a big smile on my face and made it all worth it)
  • Drinking way too much at my 10 year school reunion at the Coogee Bay Hotel
  • Finally after all these years getting to see Kenny Larkin DJ in Sydney

When I get the chance, I’ll put some pictures up of AIH and Kenny Larkin.

Update: As always Rozie beat me to it and put up the photos of Kenny Larkin up on her gallery.

Hot in the City

Hmmm. First day of summer. I’m loving it. This week I’ve been lucky enough to be off from work, so there’s no need to be whinging about the temperature. I’ve been to the beach Sunday, twice yesterday (Tuesday) and today. This morning the water was warm. The previous days required a moment or two to adjust to the water, but today, damnnnn it was perfect! Yesterday afternoon and this morning I took my bodyboard out. Yesterday was fun with some decent but small waves out the back of Tamarama. This morning due to the high tide, there was only a dumpy shorebreak on offer which gave me a couple of decentish waves. Still great to get out in to the water though. And not be at work. I think I’ll have to do it again tomorrow and Friday as well. Perhaps if I have time, Saturday and Sunday. Back to work next Monday though. Booo!

Tonight, Architecture in Helsinki are playing at Spectrum in Darlinghurst (the old Lizard Lounge I think…) Apparently they’re also playing at the Kirk in the Slurry as well on Thursday. If I’ve got nothing better to, and if I enjoy them today, I guess I’ll go hit up that gig as well… after I’ve been to the beach of course.

For those Architecture in Helsinki fans who are in other states, they’re playing Sunday night (Dec 5th) in Brisbane at the Zoo, Thursday 9th December in Ballarat at the Karova Lounge and then Friday 10th December in Adelaide at Jive. They’ve already played Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle so far.


This Friday I’m playing down at Tonic in the Cross with Sleepy, Georgee and Hoarse. It’ll be a night of deeper grooves. Its free and things kick off at 8pm and go on into the early morn’ (or until we get kicked out or something).


DJ’s: Georgee, Hoarse, RZ-1 & Sleepy

Burlesque @ Tonic – 62-64 Kellet St, Kings Cross
Friday 3rd December 2004
8pm till late

Touring soon…

Here’s my picks for music coming up:

Jeff Mills – Thursday, November 18th @ home
The Church – Friday, November 26th @ The Rocks
Quantic Soul Orchestra – Saturday, November 27th @ The Gaelic Club
Captain Comatose – Saturday, November 27th @ Mad Racket
Architecture In Helsinki – Wednesday, December 1st @ Spectrum
Burlesque – Friday, December 3rd @ Tonic
Kenny Larkin – Saturday, December 4th @ Bohem
Cobra Killer – Saturday, December 11th @ Spectrum

New Kenny Larkin Dates for Australia

Phew. It looks like Kenny Larkin isn’t coming to Sydney this week. According to ITM, he’ll be in Australia in December.

Tour Dates:
Friday November 26th – Auckland (Morrison Nightclub)
Saturday November 27th – Wellington (Sandwhiches Nightclub)
Friday December 3rd – Melbourne (Public Office/Soma Corp)
Saturday December 4th – Sydney (Gas Nightclub)

Now there’s more time to enjoy the Southern Outpost Record Launch. And here’s an interview with Kenny from earlier in the year. And also interviews with Southern Outpost from 3D World and In The Mix

Audioscrobbler and Rhythmbox

rbscrobbler queue

With Ubuntu, the default media player is iTunes-alike rhythmbox. One thing it was missing was an Audioscrobbler plugin. Luckily there are two plugins available for it. Neither is offically available on the Audioscrobbler site. The first one rhythmlet, requires rhythmbox 0.8.6 or higher and gdesktlets, which personally I’ve never been a huge fan of. Luckily there is another plugin called rbscrobbler which is a lot more sane. It only requires a recent version of python and gnome python. The latest version is can be downloaded from here and the forum post for it on Audioscrobbler is over here

Southern Outpost Record Launch at High Jinks

SO Flyer

To celebrate the release of TWO RECORDS at one time (which is a record in itself), and our new distribution deal with Submerge, the reclusive people at Southern Outpost have decided to come out of the lab and wreak sensorial havoc upon those who grace us with their presence.

The night off with a live audio-visual experiment featuring Miss Memory and B.A.S.I.C
Live performance by the newest Southern Outpost member SOL-37
DJ sets by Miss Memory, k.loc, The Sentinel and Da Debonair.

Look out for a scathing yet (hopefully) enlightening interview with Miss Memory and k.loc in next weeks 3Dworld magazine.


John Peel RIP

I guess I’ll chip into the collective sadness about the death of radio Legend and champion of new and awesome music John Peel. John passed away in Peru yesterday. If it wasn’t for John, the landscape of music might not be what it is today.

Obituary: John Peel