Vanish and mkpasswd on CentOS & RHEL 5

Just because I couldn’t find any information anywhere, if you’re trying to install the latest versions of the varnish caching server on RHEL5 or CentOS5 and its telling you that it wants /usr/bin/mkpasswd (and it’ll only do that to you if you like me, were trying to install using rpm instead of yum), you can find mkpasswd in the package expect

4 thoughts on “Vanish and mkpasswd on CentOS & RHEL 5”

  1. We actually do for all our production boxes (we’ve got a full mirror of epel, centos, rpmforge, etc internally). This was just a test vm guest on my desktop which I hadn’t fully configured to use all our yum repos. I’ve stuffed the updated varnish rpms (which are newer than what’s in the epel repo) into a local directory on the guest, created a local repo with createrepo, and also configured yum to use the rest of our yum repos, then its all good.

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