Designer ponderings

So I’m walking along the Pyrmont Bridge heading home after work and I see a guy with a Marimekko bag. Its completely black and I think to myself “Who the hell buys a freaking black Marimekko bag?!?”. It was the most annoyed I’d been all day.

5 thoughts on “Designer ponderings”

  1. Hi Dave,
    I actually have 2 marimekko bags.
    A red shoulder bag, and a larger navy one which fits my laptop perfectly.
    Simple design, 100% Finnish cotton and built to last. You should look into it bro.

    peace in the middle east

  2. I love the Marimekko prints, but surely it’s just going to be a quality build that attracks people to the purchase… perhaps…

  3. I agree. I would be attracted to purchase something from Marimekko purely for it’s prints. If I wanted a durable plain cotton satchel, I’d go to an army surplus store.

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