Australian Rozie vs RZ-1 Digital Mischief Mix

A couple of weeks back, Rozie and I had the pleasure of djing back to back at First Blood’s Digital Mischief party at the Hollywood (oh good times there always!). Anyway, the lads from First Blood recorded the set, so if you missed it, or wanted to hear it again, its available from the First Blood website, warts, trainwrecks and all 😉 Don’t forget to check out the rest of the mixes from the crew as well. Below is the track listing from our set which managed to feature just about every nerdy computer or space related track that I’ve ever wanted to play in a set (OK, so I didn’t play the heavy metal version of the Transformers theme, but I was trying to keep things more dance orientated)

  1. Vangelis – Space/Time Continuum – Heaven and Hell, Part 1
  2. Jan Hammer – Theme from Miami Vice
  3. Eurythmics – 1984
  4. Shannon – Let The Music Play
  5. Deltron 3030 – Virus
  6. Player (1) – Space Invaders
  7. MECO – Theme from Star Wars
  8. Van McCoy – Theme from Star Trek
  9. Cerrone – Supernature
  10. Roni Griffith – Desire
  11. Deadline – Megatron Man
  12. Barry Beam – Radio Head
  13. Caltrop – Manta Romantix
  14. Giorgio Moroder – Night Drive
  15. Little Computer People – Little Computer People
  16. Computer Rockers – Extra Life
  17. Ready For The World – Digital Display
  18. i-F – Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
  19. Gap Band – Video Junkie
  20. Kraftwerk – Computer Love
  21. Giorgio Moroder with Philip Oakey – Together in Electric Dreams

Mix: Australian Rozie vs RZ-1 Digital Mischief Mix

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