WordPress upgraded

Finally got around to upgrading wordpress to 2.0.2. Due to some security issues, its definitely worth moving to (along with the very funky post editor…nice).

Since I’m on holidays at the moment, I guess I’ll try and spend some time when I can to change to something else besides this default template.  Ditto for Rozie’s site.

6 thoughts on “WordPress upgraded”

  1. Wow I upgraded too, in a moment of procrastination.

    Works great. I can’t beleive how quick the upgrade was. Does your button work for inserting a link in a post? those 2 buttons of mine don’t work in firefox, and the tool bar doesn’t exist at all in safari!

  2. Now that we are up to WP version 2.7, how do you like it? Personally I preferred the dashboard of 2.6.5 as it was quicker than 2.7 for me. I also don’t like the settings in a sidebar. They were better in the heading.

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