For the Sneaker Freaks

Tomorrow night (14/2/2006) on SBS there is a documentary on sneakers that sounds some what like Just for Kicks. Its on at 10pm.

The documentary charts the athletic footwear fetish from sneakers’ early adoption by the style warriors of 1970s New York City to their status today as a de facto apparel of choice for an entire generation. The film looks closely at the $26 billion industry engendered by this fashion choice, and the hip-hop community that helped popularise it. From Run-DMC’s role in catapulting Adidas into the consciousness of global youth culture to Nike’s visionary marketing strategies targeting urban populations worldwide, Sneakers interviews personalities like hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and urban culture chronicler Henry Chalfant, as well as an assortment of sneaker freaks, music legends, break-dancing greats and product designers into an entertaining exposition on the history of the world’s most popular form of footwear.