Announcing: Digg 2

OK, so after my post yesterday, I just had to try and do something at it. At the moment I’ll have to forget about exporting my currently dugg links. But, I’m managed to create a basic greasemonkey script to add a “save to” link on Requirements are firefox with the greasemonkey plugin installed. greasemonkey screenshot

It’ll grab the title, description and category (which it’ll use as a tag) for the post and save it to using the api. Its pretty basic right now (this is just an initial release) but I guess I’ll try and make it so when you press the “save to” button, you get a popup, so that you can then change the tags, description, etc.

It works properly on the front pages, but in other sections, it’ll grab some pretty weird stuff for the tags, so precede with caution!

The script can get found and installed from here.

2 thoughts on “Announcing: Digg 2”

  1. Digg is pretty decent, but it really lacks the (sometimes) decent discussion that slashdot gets.

    On the design front, slashdot only just managed to start using CSS in their site last year. 😆 So I doubt any sort decent resign will happen anytime soon.

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