digg and del.icio.us syncing

Just pondering something which doing a quick google for didn’t come up with any results; being able to sync links that I’ve “dugg” on digg.com over to my del.icio.us account.

I’ve got quite a few links dugg now, and quite a few of them I couldn’t be arsed tagging again in del.icio.us. I guess I could export my dugg links using the provided rss feed, but then, how would I know whether I’ve already tagged it on del.icio.us? I guess del.icio.us doesn’t really care, but I’m more concerned about speed. Having to download a stack of links that I might have tagged, then uploading them again might be a bit time consuming.

I guess the ideal situation would be if digg.com just automatically posted to del.icio.us each time you dugg something.

For the time being, perhaps I could extract the dugg links using the rss feed, do some wrangling of the text and then submit the links using the del.icio.us api for posting.

Update: Looks like digg.com can output pretty much all your dugg links using javascript. I lose the date of the digg though, which is something that the rss feed has (although it only seems to allow for 20 posts to be displayed) but I guess that’ll have to be something that’ll have to do without. Atleast I can export all my posts. Also the del.icio.us posting api allows for ignoring of posts that have already been submitted, so that’s a plus as well. I guess I could just have a python/perl/bash/whatever script run as a cron job on a server periodically and have it perhaps only grab the last 10 or so dugg links (better make that a variable).

Update 2:
Dammit, the javascript export and the rss feed doesn’t have the actual link. It has the link to the post on digg.com. *sigh* Perhaps this is going to be a job for greasemonkey?

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