Woah, looks like one of my favourite producers, Domu (Dominic Stanton) is heading to Australia. He’s produced under a whole swag of names (Bakura, Blue Monkeys, Domu and Volcov, Kudu, Rima, Sonar Circle, Static Imprints, Vaceo, Yotoko, Realside, Umod, Zoltar) and released on stacks of labels (Sonar Kollektiv, JCR, Compost Records, Archive, 2000 Black, Irma, Good Looking, Spinning Wheel and Arision). He’s definitely at the forefront of the broken beat scene and worth checking out.

Don’t know about other states, but he’s dropping into Sydney to play at the Civic on the 9th September (I’ll probably end up being on call that weekend…)

Also coming up musically that I’ll probably check out:

Friday 16th Aug: Architecture In Helsinki at the Metro
Saturday 17th Aug: Pivot at The Mandarin Club
Saturday 17th Aug: Miss Memory at High Jinks at the Sly Fox in Enmore
Tuesday 23rd Aug: Youth Group at The Annandale Hotel