Next-Gen Gaming So Hot Right Now

Nintendo Gameboy Micro

Lots of tasty looking gaming platforms on the horizon:

  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Microsoft xbox360
  • Nintendo Revolution
  • Nintendo Gameboy Micro

Its all happening. All this sexy new hardware to burn cash on.Check out BigKid’s comparison on the xbox360 and the PS3. Not much details kicking around for the Nintendo Revolution. The Gameboy Micro appears to be a smaller and sexier GBA, for the “image conscious”. Don’t think I’ll be replacing my GBA Classic NES Edition though 😀

Over at Mininova there’s a torrent labeled “Nintendo Revolution Day Video Nintendo On” but it appears to be solely about some piece of gaming hardware called Nintendo On, which looks like some sort of immersive game controller (ala Virtual Boy perhaps).

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  1. Here it is more than three years later and the rivalry between these games continues. And to get the little ones ready for future gaming, there are now many more educational gaming systems being manufactured.

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