Erotic Ghost Story

So on SBS on Saturday night they were showing Erotic Ghost Story. I’ve never seen the whole thing before, just the fight sequence at the end. I kinda knew that it was well, a sort of softcore porn movie, but I didn’t realise how blatant it was (I figured it couldn’t be that blatant considering the number of times its been shown on SBS). I mean, I was expecting a few more fight scenes, some sort of story, something… But then again, SBS was showing it. God bless SBS. 😆

11 thoughts on “Erotic Ghost Story”

  1. Surely a name as blatant as ‘Erotic Ghost Story’ would be blatant 😛 SBS never manages to surprise. I must ask one of the lawyers I know there how they get away with it! I’m still surprised that they could show ‘A weather woman’ and ‘A weather woman returns’. It was softcore and more. :-S

  2. I think that they can get away with it if, like Giv said, no penetration, no erect penises (flaccid is ok) and no cum shots. Pretty much anything goes as long as it appears to be out of view or “simulated”.

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