We’ve got a guest

Holly the cat

There’s this gorgeous little cat that’s been hanging around our house for almost a week now named Holly. She’s only got three legs, but is extremely friendly. The last couple of days that I’ve come home from work, she’s been waiting next to the kitchen door for me. I’m not quite sure what I’ve done to deserve all this attention from her, but since she’s such a nice cat, I don’t really mind. It does worry me though as to why she’s been hanging out so much. I know where she lives. Her collar has been taken off and then put back on again in the last week, so somebody must be taking care of her. But in the evening won’t go home. She just stands at the kitchen door, meowing until I let her in. I drove past the owners house tonight and it looked like there’s noone home at the moment, so perhaps she’s just lonely and wanting some attention.

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