One thought on “Harry Egipt: So Hot Right Now”

  1. Well – I dont know if I have any right to comment anything on this page
    but beeing a Finn I have certain knowledge about Estonia and Estonians,
    because they live on the other side of the Gulf of Finland some 80 km
    south of Helsinki, The Penquin Ad must have been made during the last
    face of the cold war period. The TV activities started quite early in Soviet
    Union – at least some 2 years before Finland – but since the Finnish TV was
    constructed in such a way that it was possible to be looked upon in Soviet
    Estonia, the sov. officials had no choice but create their own Ad-TV. The
    colourfull commercials of the Finnish TV irritated sov officials so much
    that they understood they didnt have any other choice.

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