Xanga Liberation Front

After Giv liberated Beta from her old Xanga blog, last night I finally got around to liberating Joanne and Bec’s from their old Xanga blogs. You can now find Joanne here (pending her iluvkeanu.com domain ;-)) and Bec here.

One thing that I couldn’t find in the past is some sort of Xanga export tool. If you want blog exporting on Xanga, you need to pay for it with a Xanga Premium Account. Yeah, riiight. Luckily XRIP came to the rescue. XRIP is just a php script that dumps all of your Xanga posts into a MovableType post file which most blogging software these days can import happily (including WordPress, which is what Bec and Joanne’s blogs are now running.) It required a bit of sed’ing to remove some of the nasty formatting that Xanga puts into its posts, but after that it was all good. Then follow the WordPress Movable Type import guide, voila! No more Xanga.

So now the girls get new blogs and get to keep their old posts (including Beta as well :D) Now onto those pesky LiveJournals 😉

6 thoughts on “Xanga Liberation Front”

  1. how do you moderate/deal with your spam comments?
    i just switched comments off as i had them being moderated, only to find that simply deleting the emails notifying me of new comments wasn’t enough and the comments were still being saved (albeit in unapproved form). took me an hour or two to clear out all the comments id previously missed and all the unapproved comments. sheesh!

  2. xrip seems to have been discontinued. i downloaded what i could find, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me (it just exits right away).

    any idea what’s going on?

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