Hot in the City

Hmmm. First day of summer. I’m loving it. This week I’ve been lucky enough to be off from work, so there’s no need to be whinging about the temperature. I’ve been to the beach Sunday, twice yesterday (Tuesday) and today. This morning the water was warm. The previous days required a moment or two to adjust to the water, but today, damnnnn it was perfect! Yesterday afternoon and this morning I took my bodyboard out. Yesterday was fun with some decent but small waves out the back of Tamarama. This morning due to the high tide, there was only a dumpy shorebreak on offer which gave me a couple of decentish waves. Still great to get out in to the water though. And not be at work. I think I’ll have to do it again tomorrow and Friday as well. Perhaps if I have time, Saturday and Sunday. Back to work next Monday though. Booo!

Tonight, Architecture in Helsinki are playing at Spectrum in Darlinghurst (the old Lizard Lounge I think…) Apparently they’re also playing at the Kirk in the Slurry as well on Thursday. If I’ve got nothing better to, and if I enjoy them today, I guess I’ll go hit up that gig as well… after I’ve been to the beach of course.

For those Architecture in Helsinki fans who are in other states, they’re playing Sunday night (Dec 5th) in Brisbane at the Zoo, Thursday 9th December in Ballarat at the Karova Lounge and then Friday 10th December in Adelaide at Jive. They’ve already played Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle so far.

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