Audioscrobbler and Rhythmbox

rbscrobbler queue

With Ubuntu, the default media player is iTunes-alike rhythmbox. One thing it was missing was an Audioscrobbler plugin. Luckily there are two plugins available for it. Neither is offically available on the Audioscrobbler site. The first one rhythmlet, requires rhythmbox 0.8.6 or higher and gdesktlets, which personally I’ve never been a huge fan of. Luckily there is another plugin called rbscrobbler which is a lot more sane. It only requires a recent version of python and gnome python. The latest version is can be downloaded from here and the forum post for it on Audioscrobbler is over here

3 thoughts on “Audioscrobbler and Rhythmbox”

  1. Beautiful.
    I switched from xmms to r/b after switching from gentoo to fedora core 3. I’m using this plugin, cheers 🙂
    Can i list it on the plugin download page and create a forum for rb users on the site?

  2. I’d avoid gdesklets because it is a little weird when it comes to the audioscrobber plugin. For reasons I don’t know, sometimes it won’t work (probably a bug).

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