This Friday I’m playing down at Tonic in the Cross with Sleepy, Georgee and Hoarse. It’ll be a night of deeper grooves. Its free and things kick off at 8pm and go on into the early morn’ (or until we get kicked out or something).


DJ’s: Georgee, Hoarse, RZ-1 & Sleepy

Burlesque @ Tonic – 62-64 Kellet St, Kings Cross
Friday 3rd December 2004
8pm till late

Touring soon…

Here’s my picks for music coming up:

Jeff Mills – Thursday, November 18th @ home
The Church – Friday, November 26th @ The Rocks
Quantic Soul Orchestra – Saturday, November 27th @ The Gaelic Club
Captain Comatose – Saturday, November 27th @ Mad Racket
Architecture In Helsinki – Wednesday, December 1st @ Spectrum
Burlesque – Friday, December 3rd @ Tonic
Kenny Larkin – Saturday, December 4th @ Bohem
Cobra Killer – Saturday, December 11th @ Spectrum

New Kenny Larkin Dates for Australia

Phew. It looks like Kenny Larkin isn’t coming to Sydney this week. According to ITM, he’ll be in Australia in December.

Tour Dates:
Friday November 26th – Auckland (Morrison Nightclub)
Saturday November 27th – Wellington (Sandwhiches Nightclub)
Friday December 3rd – Melbourne (Public Office/Soma Corp)
Saturday December 4th – Sydney (Gas Nightclub)

Now there’s more time to enjoy the Southern Outpost Record Launch. And here’s an interview with Kenny from earlier in the year. And also interviews with Southern Outpost from 3D World and In The Mix

Audioscrobbler and Rhythmbox

rbscrobbler queue

With Ubuntu, the default media player is iTunes-alike rhythmbox. One thing it was missing was an Audioscrobbler plugin. Luckily there are two plugins available for it. Neither is offically available on the Audioscrobbler site. The first one rhythmlet, requires rhythmbox 0.8.6 or higher and gdesktlets, which personally I’ve never been a huge fan of. Luckily there is another plugin called rbscrobbler which is a lot more sane. It only requires a recent version of python and gnome python. The latest version is can be downloaded from here and the forum post for it on Audioscrobbler is over here

Ubuntu and Java update

Previously I documented how to get Java installed and running under Ubuntu Linux. That seemed to work OK for most Java applications, but the Mozilla plugins didn’t work. Apparently it had something to do with the gcc version that the packages were compiled with.

Luckily there is an alternate repository with java packages that do work with Mozilla. Add this into your /etc/apt/sources.list as per usual:

deb http://jrfonseca.dyndns.org/debian ./

And then its apt-get install j2re1.4 to install