2 Years

Well yesterday Rozie and I celebrated the 2nd anniversary since we got married. I can’t believe its actually been two years. It seems like ages ago since we went and celebrated our first anniversary at harbourkitchen&bar. To celebrate, we had dinner at Luke Mangan’s Salt in Darlinghurst. Managed to pile in 4 courses which included oysters with soy, leek & wasabi dressing, quail tempura, goats cheese stuffed tempura of zucchini flowers, filled with goats cheese & green olives, beef with porcini curd, Rozie the mint crusted breast of guinea fowl dish for main and we shared a warm chocolate tart that just beautifully melted everywhere for dessert. It was nice, made even better by turning off the phone and ignoring my calls from the helpdesk until I got home 😀 (Thanks go out to my oncall backup though…)

Update: Mel informed me that perhaps I should be saying that time has gone quickly since Rozie and I have been married. Thanks Mel 😛 It seems like ages, because time has gone so quickly… 🙂

4 thoughts on “2 Years”

  1. yeah i mean when things are good i think time seems to just fly so quickly, (e.g. at the end of a 4 hour set you feel like it has only been 2) and if it is bad you think that time is moving slowly (e.g. when you are waiting for someone’s 1 hour set to end because their song selection is so shite) 😉

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