Pointer Sisters – Automatic

Pointer Sisters - Break Out album cover

Look what you’re doing to me
I’m utterly at your whim
All of my defenses down
Your camera looks through me
With its X-ray vision
And all systems run aground
All I can manage to push from my lips
Is a stream of absurdities
Every word I intended to speak
Wind up locked in the circuitry

No way to control it
It’s totally automatic
Whenever you’re around
I’m walking blindfolded
Completely automatic
All of my systems are down
Down down down

What is this madness
That makes my motor run
And my legs too weak to stand
I go from sadness
To exhilaration
Like a robot at your command
My hands perspire and shake like a leaf
Up and down goes my temperature
I summon doctors to get some relief
But they tell me there is no cure
They tell me


2 thoughts on “Pointer Sisters – Automatic”

  1. I always thought that was some one hit wonder guy that did that song. You can’t even hear the Pointer Sisters on that track.

  2. The first time I heard it, I thought it was a man as well. But I guess the deepness of the singing is something (along with the funky over-synthesised early 80’s sound) that’s made it one of my favourite songs.

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