The nasty side of retrogaming addiction…

So I’m currently in the market for an old Sega Saturn. Not too much of a problem. They go for under AU$100 and a guy from work is considering selling me his old Japanese Saturn with all the games and lightgun controllers. So I’m looking for good games. Apparently Radiant Silvergun is an amazing shoot’em up (or shmup as apparently the kids call ’em these days). I love shoot’em ups. So I’m looking around on Ebay for second-hand copies of the game. Bloody hell, starting bids of US$150 for that game!!! There’s a few copies in the UK starting off nice and cheap though. Perhaps I’ll keep an eye on those auctions. Or perhaps pursue other avenues.

Apparently other great shoot ’em ups for the Saturn are Soukyugurentai and Thunder Force V. And it looks like the pricing on those are a little more sane.

One thought on “The nasty side of retrogaming addiction…”

  1. Know what you mean about retro addiction. I was recently in the market for a Saturn to get hold of some games I missed 1st time round, mainly Thunder Force V and Darklight Conflict, Im also after some N64 Games, in particular Goldeneye can’t wait…….

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