Planet E re-release 4 Jazz Funk Classics

Along with a bunch of other re-releases recently, Planet E are re-releasing an absolute classic (now it really is a classic!!).

To be re-released on April 9th, the long awaited Planet E original, 69 – 4 jazz funk classics!

This is a true repress of the original 1991 release in every way. For those who are long-time followers of Carl Craig, it’s common knowledge that 4 jazz funk classics was Craig’s debut release on Planet E Communications, Inc.

Now 13 years later, the music is still just as timeless as the day it was created. Record Collectors from all over the world know the street value of this rare classic has reached as high as $100 a copy. Today this is your opportunity to pre-order a sure-satisfying product that will bring a wealth of enjoyment and unlimited profits to you company. Order now and be confident, because this one won’t wait!

69 – 4 jazz funk classics
PLAN 12S 69
side a
a1. ladies & gentleman
a2. if mojo was a.m.
side b
b1. my machines (pt.1)
extraterrestrial raggabeats (pt.2)
my machines (reprise)
b2. frequency finale

2 thoughts on “Planet E re-release 4 Jazz Funk Classics”

  1. Hopefully they’ll re-release Sound on Sound.. that’s the one I want.

    4 Jazz Funk Classics is a monster release though!

  2. my buddy over here has 3 of the 4 of the full set of this (and yes he paid $$$ on ebay for it in the mid-late 90s). i actually got to spin them as he plays them whenever the mood strikes.

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