The little things

Somedays, its nice just to stumble across a little program or utility that makes you day just that little bit easier. Potrace by Peter Selinger is one of those great little programs. Potrace traces a bitmap and then transforms the bitmap into a smooth, scalable image. At the moment Potrace can output the file as an EPS, PostScript, SVG (scalable vector graphics), and PGM file. Very useful for when you want to do something with some crusty old gif file or something, and you can’t be assed tracing by hand in Illustrator or something. Here’s an example of a file that I converted:

Drexciyan Gill Man (before)

Drexciyan Gill Man (before)
Drexciyan Gill Man (after)

Drexciyan Gill Man (after)

And its nice to see that its available for Linux, Sun Solaris, Apple Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, AIX and Windows.

24 thoughts on “The little things”

  1. Yeah, but that doesn’t really help me since I don’t have Flash, nor do I want it (there’s no Linux version anyhow). Using Flash just for that purpose seems like a bit of overkill for me. My main purpose is to use it for getting bitmaps online and perhaps using it on t-shirts or something…

  2. Dave, was wanting to check this out but it seems the pictures are no longer loading… any chance you can get them back up? Thanks.

  3. Nice tool there. Gonna try it later.

    Glad that it also available for Linux machine.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. What an incredible piece of kit! I’m really impressed with this, I’m going to have a wee play with it tonight when I get home from the grind!

  5. I used to have Potrace and found it just as useful. Unfortunately it was on my old PC and it crashed and I ever forgot about it. Time to pick it up again.

  6. Thanks for pointing me to a great piece of software. Best of all, it’s open source. I work with graphics constantly, and I think this will help speed the little things up and save me some time. Portrace is great!

  7. Nothing better than little tools like this one that saves you time and effort.

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