It wasn’t a rock!

The B52's in concert at the Hordern

The B52’s in concert last night at the Hordern in Sydney.

(Sorry, I just cut and paste from a mailing list that I posted to and am too lazy and busy to write something better).

They started off with Planet Clare. They also did Roam, 52 Girls, Mesopotamia, Love Shack, Channel Z, Deadbeat Club, Quiche Lorraine, a bunch of other songs that I can’t remember or didn’t know and of course they encored with Rock Lobster.

Sounds of Seduction were the support with their usual array of nutty go-go dancers. When we walked in Jay Catz playing the Wonder Woman theme song, then onto the Batman theme song. Most of the crowd were getting into it (or atleast enjoying it) and I heard lots of people giggling to the music, so that was pretty cool, since some crowds can be a tad hostile the concept of a dj being the support.

All in all, it was a fun night though. Glad I went.

Update 04/03/2004: A review over at the SMH.

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  1. Has anybody seen a dog dyed dark green?
    About two inches tall, with a strawberry blonde paw,
    Sunglasses and a bonnet,
    and designer jeans with appliques on it?
    The dog that brought me so much joy,
    Left me wallowing in pain.
    Quiche Lorraine.

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