Hip Hop Film Festival

Next week in Sydney, and the week after in Melbourne is the “Inaugural” Hip Hop Film Festival. Of particular interest to me it the opening night next Thursday night (26/02) in Sydney at the Gaelic Club. Guests on the night are Madlib (who last year did Shades of Blue on the legendary Blue Note Records), Diverse and Peanut Butter Wolf. Local supports are Katalyst, Blaze, Code and DJ Bonez. For the rest of the festival, there is a downloadable program guide here.

2 thoughts on “Hip Hop Film Festival”

  1. saw p-b wolf here last year. bring your dancing shoes!!! he spun some seriously cool (and very danceable) 45s. his mixing was insane, and he flipped from track to track like a demon keeping the beat flowing up and down like the sea. enjoy!!!

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