XMAME 0.78.1 released

Looks like XMAME slipped out the other day. Changes in this version are:

  • Everything from MAME 0.78 and MESS 0.78.You can now “make tools” without first having to “make osdepend”. Fixed a couple of minor problems with src/unix/Makefile and src/unix/unix.mak. (Adam Di Carlo)
  • Rearranged a bit of code to allow the MESS tools to build.
  • Added JOY_SDL to the makefile so that the SDL joystick plugin can be enabled for non-SDL targets. The SDL target still enables the plugin without requiring JOY_SDL to be set.
  • The ALSA module now builds against ALSA 1.0. Fixes Bugzilla bug 501.
  • Changed the abbreviation of “-pause_brightness” to “-pbrt” to prevent a conflict with “-playback”.
  • Added double buffering, enabled via “-doublebuf”, to the SDL target. (Thomas Jarosch)
  • Deprecated the SDL target’s “-modenumber” in favor of “-vidmode_w” and “-vidmode_h”. (Thomas Jarosch)
  • Updated the included zlib library to 1.2.1, which should be faster than 1.1.4.
  • Fixed an infrequent spurious error reported by zlib 1.2.1. (Mark Adler)
  • OpenVMS support should be close now. (Robert Alan Byer)
  • Changed the man path to $(PREFIX)/man/man6, which is more FHS-compliant according to Andre Majorel.

The source is available over here. Its looks like there is no RPM packages from FreshRPMs yet though. For the list of newly supported games, refer to my previous post on the release of MAME 0.78,