Perverted scientists who advance an insidious theory called “evolution”!

The other day, I was talking to a work collegue about Mac OS X and Darwin.

“Yes, Darwin,” I said. “You know, the scientist who came up with the theory of evolution and all that”
“Oh, yes. The theory that we came from apes.” Then he responsed with, “that’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

I was quite taken back. So much so that all I could come back with was, “Well I guess you haven’t heard of many silly things in your time”.

I’m not quite sure what bothered me the most. It was either that in this day and age in Australia that someone thinks that creationism is a good theory, or that he so single-handly wrote off evolution as the silliest thing he’s ever heard of. Probably moreso the latter.

But it did get me thinking that I have quite quickly written off creationism as a possibility without much thought, the same as he did. I didn’t do biology at school (except when it touched upon during the general science classes during years 7 through 10), so I guess I’ve never really had a good thinking about evolution. Its just something that I’ve accepted as the truth, much the same as my collegue has accepted creationism as being the truth. I guess it never really helped that many people within the church that I attended while I was growing up didn’t accept creationism as a valid theory for how species came into being. In fact I remember one of the Sunday school teachers that I had for a couple of years actually teaching us that the World getting created in seven days was just primitive humans best guess of how it started.

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