Rendering in different browsers

daveg :: weblog - safari screenshotUsing iCapture, I found out that perhaps some of the recent changes that I made caused some problems in Safari. Previously I had checked, and it did look OK, but now it seems that it ignores quite a bit of the layout. The titlebar at the top doesn’t have the blue background, the search form is on the left hand side, not the right, the menubar on the left is just a bunch of list times, with no background colour at all, the styles for the navlist at the top are completely ignored and they are just outputted as a vertical list. Way to go Safari!

I checked it out with Konquerer (which is supposed to use the same rendering engine as Safari, KHTML) and it renders a lot more of the page than Safari could dream of. The only problem in Konquerer is that the navlist isn’t quite right, and an image which I had inserted as floating to the left, sits on top of the text, which doesn’t bother me too much.

I thought Apple chose the KHTML rendering engine over the Mozilla rendering engine because it was supposed to be more “compatible” over a greater range of websites. Over the time that I’ve used it (since the first public beta releases), I’ve not seen any evidence of this. One of my pet hates is that it still can’t handle SSL connections through a proxy server.

Next I’ll have to check IE (I checked out IE 5.x on Mac OS X last night and it wasn’t pretty) next on some Windows platforms. I had a quick look on Monday night on IE 6.0 on Windows XP, and it appeared to be OK, but you never know I guess. 🙁