HOWTO: Applying Australian Date & Time Settings to WINE applications

I’ve been trying to set the correct date and time settings for WINE application on my work PC for a while, as I use Lotus Notes for my work email, and some bloody HR application insists on my date and time settings being set to Australian standard, even though I’m only retriving information.

Anyway, I finally managed to set the correct settings, so now I can use it properly.

Basically you need to change the [intl] section of the win.ini that your WINE application uses. Since I’ve got a couple of custom installed WINE rpms, your win.ini will probably be a different location to mine. I’m guess it’ll probably be in ~/.wine/fake_windows/Windows/win.ini.

The settings that I used are as follows:

sLanguage=English (Australia)
sLongDate=dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy

I guess if you’re from another country, it shouldn’t be too hard to guess what to change. I’d pretty much gotten it right, but I was missing the iTime=1, iTLZero=1 and iDate=1. Perhaps now I can erase that Windows XP partition I’ve got using up all that space. If only OpenOffice handled Word forms properly. 🙁