Akai to release new MPC

There’s been some murmuring around the web about an upcoming MPC, the MPC1000! Apparently it was uploaded to the Akai Pro website too early. The release date is set for September 16, so mark your calendar! An MPC I can finally afford! 😉

Here’s the teaser flash animation from the Akai Pro site as well.

Update 10/09/03

French website Playback has some more information on the MPC1000. Unless you speak French, click here for the nuttily translated Babelfish version.

In 1988, Akai professional introduced the now legendary MPC60 to the world. The MPC60 didn’t just change the way we worked – it actually created new styles of music never before imagined, styles of music that have evolved over the years but are as relevant today as they were 15 years ago when the MPC concept was born.

During this period, the MPC has become a household name the world over amongst discerning musicians, producers and DJs working in a wide range of musical genres and even though the MPC series has developed over the years to incorporate the latest technologies, it has always retained it’s uniqueness and has never been successfully copied.

However, in building bigger and better machines, we realised that (despite what some might say!) size isn’t everything when customers started asking for a compact, portable ‘laptop’ size MPC!

Enter the MPC1000.

Small and perfectly formed (and not much bigger than an A4 sheet of paper), this diminuitive MPC is not some compromised little runt of the litter as you might expec. On the contrary – the MPC1000 inherits many of the major features of its older, bigger siblings but in a compact form factor that makes it ideal for carrying around… to your friends, to a gig, to a session, on a train… wherever. And it’s a creditable alternative to computer based systems.

As part of its lineage, the MPC1000 features the sixteen characteristic velocity and pressure sensitive pads that have been an established (and essential) component of the MPC series since its inception and which contribute enormously to to the ‘feel’ of the instrument – arguably, they are the best pads on any drum machine past or present!

It also features the original MP60’s intuitive transport and locate controls, the unique NOTE REPEAT function plus new additions such as the two Q-Link sliders that allow real-time control of functions such as filter cutoff, pitch, level and more.

Add to these a well established, friendly and intuitive user interface, two separate multi-effects processors (and a master output effects processor!), resonant multi-mode filters, two MIDI ins and 32 MIDI channels via the two MIDI outputs, multiple audio outputs as standard, footswitch inputs for ‘hands-free’ control and you have most of what you’d expect to find in a rugged, dependable ‘switch on and work’ and ‘out the carton’ solution to computer sequencer headaches.

But there are new things too:

The use of compact flash as a storage medium, for example, makes for more than enough room to save your sounds and grooves in an extremely compact, portable and readily available format and present testing has verified the use of up to 2 Gigabyte cards.

Furthermore, the MPC1000 supports the “MASS STORAGE CLASS” USB standard. What this means is that when connected to a Mac or PC via the MPC1000’s USB port, the Mac/PC sees the MPC1000 as a Compact Flash card reader without the need for any cumbersome driver installation on your computer (*). This simple implementation allows you to simply drag and drop data between your desktop and the MPC1000’s CF card to build up sound library on your CF card or vice versa to back up data on your CF card.

With regard to internal memory, you get 16Mb of on-board RAM as standard (with 5Mb dedicated to preset sounds) but this can easily be expanded up to 128 MB using standard laptop size memory.

Behind the stunning ‘retro’ cosmetic styling that pays homage to a halcyon era of dedicated drum machines, the new MPC1000 is a thoroughly modern sampling drum machine and multi-track MIDI sequencer that is more than equipped with features, functions and facilities to let you explore new musical ideas without restriction.

Impressive specs, good looks, loads of features and everything else aside, the best news of all is that this power for musical expression now costs less than ever before.

So, if you have ever dreamed of buying into the MPC legend to realise your musical ambitions, now’s your chance!

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