Mac OS X replacement

A nice looking replacement is iTerm. Apparently it features “Xterm compatibility” and “better VT100 emulation”. I’ll have to give it a crack when I get home. It bothers me when I try to use terminal apps like vim. Pressing the page up and down and various other keys seems to illicit different results to what I’m used to in other terminals (although it could mean I should learn to use vim properly ;-)). The other nice feature that is have is tabs. Oh baby, can’t get enough of those tabbed applications! 😉

Also, here’s a nice screenshot of iTerm in action:

iTerm screenshot

Other features include, Native Cocoa application that supports OS X, Applescript support, transparent windows, address book, anti-idle function that avoids disconnection because of no activity and supported language encodings with localizations for Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Japanese and Korean

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  1. i need help my terminal app does not have the shell window appear. however the window menu displays bullets ‘’ and’…..’
    and any extra shells that are active thank you.

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