Bring back those old DOS games back to life!

Having a browse through my local friendly apt repository I found this nice program called DOSBox. It appears to be essentially a 286 and 386 emulator. Its great for all those old games that just won’t run from the command line of more modern operating systems. So far I’ve play Warlords 1 & 2, the Leisure Suit Larry Series, the Elite Series, Civilization, Thexder, Solar Winds 1 & 2 and Rampage. It doesn’t support protected mode games, so games from around the mid nineties don’t (stuff like Doom and that which used the DOS4GW type environments).

It emulates the Sound Blaster card, which is nice and it works under Windows, BeOS, Linux and Mac OS X, so you’ve got NO excuse not to give this a crack 😉 And over here is the list of supported games.

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